B2B Online Travel Portal

Our B2B Travel Portal solution enables you to become a wholesaler with less manpower. You can serve many more Travel Agents within your country and other countries who can use your services online and help your business to grow multi-fold.

Our advanced B2B Travel Portal Solution has been designed with all features needed for any Travel Agency to manage their bookings, products, markup, discounts, promotions, coupons, customer management, wallet management, communications, digital marketing, financial management and data analytics.

Our System has been integrated with Partner’s API from GDS, Low cost Airlines, Hotel Aggregators, Attraction suppliers, Transfers, Tour Operators, Coaches and Ferry operators.

B2C Online Travel Portal

Our B2C Travel Portal solution helps your Travel Agency to create an online brand for your business with instant booking and confirmation. Our Solution has been designed with all necessary features needed to operate an online travel agency which includes product management, package creation, customer management, wallet management, markup, discounts, promotions, coupons, wallet management, communications, digital marketing, financial management and data analytics.

Our System has been integrated with Partner’s API from GDS, Low cost Airlines, Hotel Aggregators, Attraction suppliers, Transfers, Tour Operators, Coaches, Ferry operators and Travel Insurance.

B2B2C Online Travel Portal

B2B2C Travel Portal is an integrated solution for Travel agents looking to create a single brand for B2B and B2C customers. The system will have combined features of B2B & B2C Travel Portal and integrated with all Partner’s APIs.


A Self-Service travel booking Kiosk with auto-ticketing. Travel Agents can install this kiosk at their door step to replace customer service agents. Passengers can enquire or book Air Tickets, Hotels, Attraction Tickets, City Tours, Coach Tickets, Ferry Tickets, Discount Vouchers, Travel Insurance, and many more. It can also be deployed in some public areas, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, office buildings, universities, bus/ferry/airport terminals, petrol stations. It can also make passive income from the advertisement banners.

Buy Self-Service Travel Booking Kiosk (iTravelKiosk) and Lease it to us, you will earn Passive Income every month for lifetime. Contact us for more details.

  • Travel Agency License provided to sell legally.
  • Hardware and software are maintained by our team, no hassles for you.
  • 100% Buy Back Guarantee
Deployment Locations
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Malls
  • Universities
  • Office Buildings
  • Airport
  • Ferry & Bus
  • Terminals

Inbound Tour Management System

Our Inbound Tour Booking System will enable you to serve your B2B customers from various countries to book Singapore Attraction Tickets and City Tours online without bothering you.

Major Modules
  • B2B Customer Management
  • Instant Booking & eTicket Generation
  • Payment Gateway & Wallet Management
  • Multi - API Management
  • Mark-up Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Auto EO & Payment Voucher
  • Auto Invoice & Receipt
  • Analytical Reports

Outbound Tour Management System

One stop Cloud Based Booking System for all travel services with e-Ticketing.

Implement OBMS to simplify the process of online booking, inventory management, package customization, back-office management, itinerary creation, leads generation, accounting, digital marketing and social media & chatbot integration to help your travel agency to maximize bookings, reduce their cost and increase productivity.

Major Modules
  • Admin Panel
  • Product Management
  • Customer Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Group Seat Distribution
  • Sub Agent (B2B) Booking Portal
  • Corporate Web Site (B2C Booking Portal)
  • Integrated Back Office
  • Analytical Reports
  • Digital Marketing Tools
  • Voicebot
  • Chatbot

DMC - Destination Management Company

DSS has developed a full package of solutions to bring efficiency, visibility and pleasant user experience to every corner of DMC business. With our Destination Management system, agents can create customized itineraries and quotations.

Our Destination Management Solution gives Travel Agents to
  • Enable B2B bookings
  • Enhance office sales
  • Streamline self-operated inventory management
  • Connect with Multiple APIs to fetch attractive prices
  • Make operational processes fully transparent and trackable
  • Improve the way of operation with the partners and customers
  • Power agents business through improved reporting and analytics
  • Set up flexible mark-ups, commissions and other commercial conditions
System Functions
  • Agent Management
  • Product Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Discount & Promotion
  • Financial Management
  • Reservation
  • Daily Operations
  • Analytical Reports
  • Customer Management
  • Communication Management
  • Sales Order Creation
  • Mark-up Management
  • Itinerary Generation
  • Auto EO & Payment Voucher
  • Auto Invoice & Receipt
  • Analytical Reports
  • Enquiry & Quotation Management

Travel Agent Marketplace

Travel Agent Marketplace is a single-stop solution to connect various travel agents worldwide and let them exchange their products and services. Agents can share their products like Group air seats, hotel room inventory, attraction tickets inventory, tours and discount vouchers etc.

load-factor - Group Booking System

Airlines handles group bookings separately since they require special fares, booking and payment procedures.

Groupfly is an innovative solution that helps airlines to effectively control group traffic.

The cardinal idea of the Groupfly system is to reduce the manual intervention and time consuming in group booking process and to make the process automation.The turnaround time to get the fare quote from airlines for a group request can be reduced to less than 20 minutes.

Groupfly, helps the airlines in collating all group request into a single data source. The collated data is used to predict the behavior of group request, evaluate them and quote an appropriate group fare. A standardized process in the system allows for transparency between departments of group desk, revenue management and sales team.

Features for Airlines
  • Evaluating group request
  • Auto Response on Process
  • Alternate flight suggestion
  • Fare Quote
  • Discount / Fare Matrix
  • Email Alert Notification
  • Auto Reply
  • Announcement
  • Auto Response on Fare quote with Terms and Condition
  • Send for review to RM / FA for approval
Features for Travel Agents
  • Raising a group request
  • Price negotiation
  • Payment
  • Pax name update
  • Meal / Baggage update
  • E-Ticket – Print / Email

LoadFactor100 is an automated system that is deployed at an Airline Host and programmed to fetch unsold seats for a specific departure and destination. A full or portion of such seats will be loaded into our Centralized system at a discounted price. Our System will be able to flash these seat inventory to our B2B customers and API partners at a special price in order to fill up as many seats as possible. The system will update the airline with passenger information of those confirmed bookings before the cut-off period and release the unsold seats to the airline.

Group Seat Distribution System

Travel Agents can block Group Seats from Airlines for a selected departure/destination and load them into the system inventory. System will distribute such group seats to B2B Agents and B2C customers through their portal.

System will check and display the available seats for the selected destination & dates. The number of seats available will be displayed with Fare (inclusive of taxes, without SSR). System is able to book the requested seats and generate an eTicket with confirmed PNR once the payment is successful. Passenger details are captured by the system under the same PNR and inventory is updated as well. System will update the final name list to the airlines by one month before the departure date.


A voicebot enables its user to interact with a device or a service simply by speaking. Powered by artificial intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP), a voicebot can understand a spoken question or request and structure a fitting audio response. Although not identical, it helps to view a voicebot in the same light as a chatbot. Both use the same underlying technology and both are designed to understand a customer’s question and search for and deliver the right answer.

What sets voicebots apart is that they’re faster. Voice is the quickest form of human communication – faster than typing or navigating drop down menus with a mouse. As a result, voicebots offer huge potential opportunities for elevating the level of customer service a company offers. However, designing a voicebot that truly reflects your brand’s tone of voice and that can understand the context, as well as the content of a customer’s request, presents a serious challenge that can only be overcome with expert help.


Chatbot provides enormous potential to drive sales to your e- commerce business. The number of online business that implement the Facebook Messenger chatbot is increasing each week. Messenger chatbots can help ecommerce to improve their customer experience and ultimately improve their sales.

Conversational Commerce is one of the hot topics when it comes to Facebook Messenger chatbot. Conversational Commerce refers to the intersection of messaging apps (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Talk, and WeChat) and shopping.

Conversational Commerce allows customers to browse the products, get customer support, complete the payment, get personalized recommendations, and get order notifications all from chatbots themselves.

Chat Bot Solution for Web Site

FAQ Chatbot - A basic QnA or FAQ Bot provides its users with automated responses to frequently asked questions in a natural, intuitive question-and-answer conversational way.

Conversational Chatbot - The chatbot type understands your conversation style & answer in the same way as the end users. They collect the basic information about the users and keep them engaged till a human customer care executive takes over.

Chat Bot Ordering System for WhatsApp Business:

  • Branded Messaging
  • Rich Messaging
  • Message Templates
  • WhatsApp Template Message
  • WhatsApp Session Message
  • Customer Support
  • Notifications
    • Business initiated template messages that can send anytime.
    • Transaction confirmations Booking confirmations OTP
    • E-tickets Shipping updates


A travel operator needs to manage and meet the demands of their customers on the go. Travel CRM software lets you coordinate and streamline the entire operations through a single platform.

A travel CRM needs to manage different parts of the tour. This includes the ticket booking management, travel coordination, accommodation, daily plan management etc. Instead of individually managing these tasks on a different basis, the travel CRM software lets you combine these different tasks on a single platform.

The travel CRM software can oversee the entire pipeline of different activities and upcoming bookings. Travel CRM allows you to streamline your marketing activities and generate maximum number of bookings.

  • Website Integration
  • Package Management
  • Customize your Sales Funnel
  • Online and Offline Enquiry Management
  • Lead scoring And Distribution
  • Centrally view enquiries of all offices

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